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  1. Are the production fields open to the public? Unfortunately, they are closed to the public.
  2. Can we harvest our own stems from the field? Unfortunately, no. We do host events where you can purchase tickets to be able to do this!
  3. Can we schedule a photo session on the property? No, we lease a portion of the grounds and are unable to allow photo sessions.
  4. Are animals allowed at the farm store? We ask that no pets are on the grounds.
  5. What can we do at the farm store? You can select from farm fresh cut stems, vases, filler flowers to make your own bouquet at home.
  6. Strollers: Are there areas we can push strollers thru? The area is grass and gravel.
  7. Are the greenhouses and plants outside available for purchase? We ask that you do not enter the greenhouses as they do not belong to us. They are a closed nursery.
  8. Do you rent out the space for events (ie. weddings, bridal showers, parties)? No, we lease the grounds.
  9. Do you sell bulbs for peonies? We do sell peony plants that are potted in containers. Spring and Fall.
  10. What are your current hours: Thru end of June: Wed, Thurs, Friday 12-6pm and Sat 9-2pm
  11. Peonies: How long do they last? Typically double blooms can last up to 10 days, if you cut and change out the water every other day. Single blooms are more 3-5 days.