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Welcome to the first Certified American Flower Farm in Ohio

Meet the Farm

We are a small, family owned and operated, cut flower and branch farm located in the beautiful community of New Albany in Central Ohio. In the Spring, we are in the fields morning till night harvesting tulips, daffodils and peony flowers. When Fall rolls around we are harvesting dogwood, willow and Ilex branches in a variety of colors and textures for holiday containers and décor.

Red Twig Farms started in 2010, after the family bought 9 acres across from the family landscape & nursery on Jug Street. The land hadn’t been farmed for two decades so we saw an opportunity. What exactly was this that opportunity? That was yet to unfurl, but it was definitely something along our horticulture background.

Red Twig Farms didn’t just pop up overnight, it took time to get up and running. Peonies take 3 to 5years to mature before you can harvest. Because of our patience and persistence, we now produce over 28 varieties of peonies.

How did our famous “Farm Store begin? To know, you must go all the way back to 2014 and 2015. On any given day, you could find Josh, his wife Lindsey and Karl McCullough (Josh’s dad) in the streets of Worthington
peddling their peonies by the stem or bouquet. Karl would be walking around yelling “free sniffs” which was later banned by Josh & Lindsey. You may have seen Josh driving a black Jeep heading to all the florists and wholesalers in town trying to sell peonies from the trunk of his car. Every Saturday, the trio would load up buckets of peonies into their vehicles and head to the Farmers Market always with the sell out. However, weather was their only issue. The heat would open up their peonies too quick so by the last hour of the market, all peonies were fully open. To combat this problem, Lindsey had a crazy idea. In 2016, Karl & Lindsey made a bet, which started their peony betting tradition. Their first bet was if Lindsey could get customers to come to the farm to purchase peonies by advertising on social media (Facebook and Instagram.) This would make it so that they could only bring out what was needed, keeping the inventory in the cooler in bud form. The peony season came, and Lindsey started working hard to win this bet. With her effort, she developed the Peony Season Opener. The Saturday before Memorial Day, the farm transforms into an on-site store for customers to come out to purchase. That day, 168 people showed up to purchase peonies making it clear that Karl had lost this bet. Because we were able to keep the buds cool, we kept the store open a few additional days during June to continue to sell. Here comes 2017, Karl & Lindsey bet once again that she could get even more people in the Farm Store and she did just that. Over 1,400 people came through the Peony Season Opener but that wasn’t all. Midwest Living Magazine sent their writer and photographer to cover the event, making national headlines. At this point, a smart would stop betting, right? Nah, not those two. In 2018, over 2,000 people arrived. In 2019, we turned Peony Season Opener into what we now call Peony Fest and over 7,000 people attended the 2-day event. Our customers took armloads of peonies and peony plants home. And so, our Farm Store and Peony Fest were created.

As of 2019, Josh & Lindsey are the sole owners of Red Twig Farms as Karl & Terri (Josh's mom) stepped down for some much-needed retirement.